Inequalities in cancer care


Oncopolicy Fourm 2011 - Inequalities in quality cancer care, 27 September 2011, Stockholm

I chaired the panel discussion in this session of the Oncopolicy Forum 2011, focusing on the challenges in ensuring quality cancer care throughout Europe.  It was clear from the discussion that there are enormous challenges - better information and benchmarking is critical, but needs professional engagement in order to be effective, which is another reason why the engagement of ECCO, ESMO and the other partner organisations is so important.  Inequalities in care also reflect wider inequalities in society, and so improving outcomes for cancer also requires engagement with policy-makers beyond the cancer world itself, which is a whole different challenge.

This was part of the 2011 European multidisciplinary cancer congress in Stockholm, which as ever is quite remarkable (and quite terrifying!) event - over 15,000 people attend, with over seven hundred speakers and 33 tracks.  It's a remarkable achievement by ECCO and their partner organisations to put together, and a striking example of the sheer scale involved in real European cooperation.


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